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An ongoing series of informational customer entries

Jory W

February  15, 2023

I quickly got a charge-off reversed on a technicality by reopening a dispute investigation. This happened within a short period of time. To learn how to fix my credit, I took a course offered by Creditable Advice LLC. When I had questions or wasn't sure of something, representative Sam, the "Credit Doctor," patiently explained it to me. Contact Creditable Advice LLC's Sam, the "Credit Doctor," if you have charge-offs or other bad credit. He'll discover a credit law or a loophole that will either remove the items or send the CRA's, creditors, and debt collectors scrambling.

If anyone wants something on their credit reports to be cleared up, I would strongly suggest taking a credit repair course with Creditable Advice LLC. You won't regret doing it.

Jonathan V

April 25, 2022

Fighting Facts Against Fiction, and Laws against slickness. Creditable Advice LLC will free you from false collections bills and notices that violate your rights, invade your private information, and manipulate the law. Speak with my man Sam (The Credit Doctor) before you pay these collection companies a dime.

Manuel C

March 3, 2022

 I 100% recommend the services of Creditable Advice, LLC. The service I received from Mr. Richardson and his team was second to none-VERY thorough! I have just come back from the Hudson County court house, and was told by the court clerk that I as a pro-se Plaintiff holds the court record for the most exhibits attached to a filed complaint to date against a Defendant thus far. The court clerks was truly impress with the way and lay out of how each exhibit was fully displayed when it was presented with the complaint.

Kenneth S

July 6, 2021

 Creditable Advice LLC just saved me over $ 20,000 thousand dollars of debt because my agent Samuel Richardson was strategic in helping me prepare effectively for court. I will recommend Creditable Advice LLC to anyone who needs their services, period.

Michelle W

January  14, 2021

I 100% recommend the services of Creditable Advice, LLC. The service I received from Mr. Richardson and his team was second to none-VERY thorough! At no time during the process was I not aware of what to expect-I was fully informed and treated patience and respect. Additionally, it took very little time to begin seeing results and soon after much, much more.

Mr. Richardson even provided me with advice/ tips with regard to proper spending amounts/ percentages for my credit cards! Imagine that! I'm now a VERY HAPPY camper with a credit score of 825-zero blemishes or negative impacts! THANK YOU!!!


Business Consultant

June 1, 2019

6:57 PM

Creditable Advice LLC have been stellar. There are knowledgeable caring an professional. Use them if you want to build your credit. One of the best in the business. They are not interested in taking your money but they knows the law and challenge them unlike those pay me now, pay me first, then call us a million times before we send the letters.

Trust me I have been burn by those services / companies before. My agent, Sam is the best. Sam is the man and yes he can.... help you fix your credit, just like Creditable Advice LLC did for me.

# Very Happy Customer. 

Alexander G.

Sales Manager

Route 22 Honda

August 2, 2018

I couldn't be any more happier that when Creditable Advice, LLC was able to help me out with my contract issues with ADT. ADT, for months has been trying to make me pay a monthly amount that didn't reflect the terms within my contractual agreement, ADT even had the nerve to send my account to collections and this is when Creditable Advice, LLC came to the rescue. Together, we found out that the collection agency is not license to bond in New Jersey as required under New Jersey Fair Debt Collections Practices Act § 45 : 18-1 " New Jersey Statutes 45:18-1. Collection agencies to file bond". So when I sent them the letters that, Creditable Advice, LLC prepared for me, "guess what" they backed down from the case. I guess once they received the letters, they know that I was not playing any games regarding my credit. Creditable Advice LLC  really helped me with this matter, and I think that I will be taking ADT to court for lots of reasons, their is just to many to state them all within this testimonial, none of this would have been possible if agent, Samuel from Creditable Advice, LLC wasn't present...He really knows his stuff when it pertains to credit issues and will helps you out as if he was a family member. I would highly recommended Creditable Advice, LLC to any one. This is a really great company and I was provided excellent customer service.

Jean S.

Sales Consultant

July 13, 2018

Ever since I began working with Creditable Advice, LLC, I have learned so much about the unfair practices of creditors and debt collectors. I would advice anyone that has credit issues to seek advice from this company. It really will benefit you greatly.

Chesla A.

September 28, 2016

I got my first letter back from Trans Union, LLC which stated that a civil judgement was deleted off of my credit report. Yayyy!!!

Thank you Creditable Advice LLC for all your help thus far! You are awesome!!

Jason L.

September 28, 2016

What can I say except that Creditable Advice LLC is the real deal. Mr. Richardson is very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to fixing credit. He was prompt and effective in helping to increase in my FICO score which led to me be able to purchase my first home. In fact, my credit score went up an average of 75 points between the 3 Bureaus within 8 months. Creditable Advice LLC is trustworthy and I highly recommend Creditable Advice LLC. Thank you Creditable Advice LLC !

Aja B.

September 15, 2018

I am so excited! I was getting harassed by creditors. They were calling my phone all day and everyday. I was sitting with Sam from Creditable Advice LLC  today and a creditor called. He advised me on what to say to the creditor. Usually, the creditors are interviewing me, but on this day, I was the interviewer. I knew my rights. I asked the correct questions and the creditor stuttered and stammered. It was all thanks to Creditable Advice LLC  for all of their expertise! I am not expecting a call back from them any time soon! I am forever grateful. Aja Bethea.

 Gary  W.

September 9, 2015

Now I would like to let you know about my experience with this company Creditable Advice L L C, as well as my agent Samuel. He has taken his time, in helping me to understand just how credit works, the games that Credit Bureaus / Creditors / Collections Agencies play. He has also shown me how I can protect myself, as well as fight back against the negatives that were placed on my credit report. I really was very hesitant at first! You know paying $ 346.00 right out of pocket for work being done by another company who just placed a credit inquiry on to my credit, and did nothing else. Creditable Advice, saw what the other company had done, and showed me that I didn't have to do that. They also work with me to remove so many items off of my credit report that, I was able to obtain a Short- sale house in Verona New Jersey. Thanks so much Creditable Advice L L C, and thank you Agent Samuel for all your hard work!

Curtis L.

August 1, 2015

I came to Creditable Advice L L C , and their agents  helped me with a creditor / collection agency who hounded me for years on a debt that had been resold, and charged off the books. With his advice , and guidance. I received no more debt phone calls and no more letters from collection agency . Thanks to him I feel like soon I will be debt free. Thank you so much  Creditable Advice L L C for all your help, and for all that you do for people with there credit situation.

Laura M.

June 10, 2016

It only took a few months for Creditable Advice  to help me with my Credit I would Highly recommend Creditable Advice LLC because the way they have helped me in fixing my Credit has been amazing. I was at a point in my life I had hit Rock bottom and I was only able to pay the most important bills of my home, and stopped paying my credit card bills. When I was introduce to Creditable Advice and they started to review my Credit and helped me send out some letter it was amazing the way things turned around for me and my Credit went right back up but of course I also was doing my part and paying off my Credit Card Bills ,but there was still outstanding negatives in my Credit Report, the Minute they received my Letters from Creditable Advice LLC, they immediately knew that we were not playing and they updated my Credit and now my Scores are right back where they should be. I would Highly recommend Creditable Advice LLC to anyone and everyone cause they do not play and they knows the Law. So whoever is seeking help in fixing their Credit I would Highly recommend Creditable Advice LLC..

 Denise R.

July 31, 2015

My agent Samuel from Creditable Advice LLC, takes the time to educate people on there credit! A lot of customer / consumers are unaware of what there right's truly are. They believe that creditors / credit bureaus, and even collection agencies would do the right thing in reporting to the credit bureaus, but they don't! Since, I have been working with this Creditable Advice LLC.  I have seen some deleted items come right off my credit report like a resent judgement. I am sure that with this Creditable Advice LLC's  support, and help I believe that I will be able to challenge those who have denied an opportunity for me to advance credit wise. Creditable Advice LLC show's you just how to make your credit report work for you. They also has a get rapport with people in the business that they is in. I would highly recommend Creditable Advice LLC to anyone looking for credit help!

Janice C.

July 10, 2015

I still can't believe it. It was around 2013...! Creditable Advice LLC has shown me that you can use the laws that are set out there to protect us against creditors and collection agencies who are violating the law. In turn one of their clients won a payment for $750.00 just because the debt collector violated the law. When I saw the check in my hands as well as the letter from the lawyer's office. I was ecstatically amazed! Here it is, the client  didn't pay one red cent out of his pocket, but got rewarded in the end. I would truly recommend Creditable Advice LLC  to anyone who is looking forward to seeing results!

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